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SLM Technology


What is SLM?

metal additive manufacturing SLM technology

Selective Laser Melting (commonly known as metallic 3D printing), consists of the iterative superposition of layers of metallic powder of approx. 50 microns on a table and its subsequent fusion by means of a laser . The sum of the sections generates a very dense piece (approx. 99.5%) of the chosen metal and of great precision.

Schema of SLM machine

It is a suitable technique for the manufacture of:
· Pieces with  high mechanical and thermal resistance
· Light components
· Geometric designs  complex
· Parts with internal cavities
· Functional prototypes

metal additive manufacturing

Parts obtained at the end of 3D printing.

SLM machines

we have six machines Renishaw, each dedicated exclusively to one material. This allows us to increase productivity, better control the process and reduce manufacturing costs.

Of these machines, four are Ren AM 500Q with 4 lasers and two RenAM 500M monolaser.


Working volume: 250x250x320 mm

Productive improvements
· Dedicated machines per material - Eliminates the risk of contamination.
· Screening and automatic recirculation of powder - Increases the productivity of the process.
· Integrated vision system - Failure analysis and control.
· Spectral real-time monitoring - Quality control.



In MADIT, each machine is dedicated to a material, so that productivity is increased and the process is better controlled. The available materials are the most common in the industry:

AlSi10Mg / A13600 / 3.2381

- Lightness
- Corrosion resistance
- High thermal conductivity
- High electrical conductivity


316L / S31673 / 1.4404

- High resistance up to 300ºC
- Corrosion resistance
- High ductility
- Welding facility


1.2709 / 18Ni300 / K93120

- Very high hardness
- Very high resistance

Ti6Al4V - Grado 23 / 5

- Ligereza
- Resistencia muy alta
- Resistencia a la corrosión
- Biocompatible


UNS N07718 / DIN 2.4668

- High temperature
- Corrosion resistance
- High mechanical resistance

UNS S17400 / DIN 1.4542

- Corrosion resistance
- High mechanical resistance
- Soldabilidad

If you need other materials, we can evaluate your project.

Periodically, the quality of the manufacturing process is verified: the results of the parameters are qualified by means of metallographic evaluations and mechanical tests are carried out.

Metallographic cuts of metal additive manufacturing

Metallographic cuts for qualification of manufacturing parameters.

Tensile tests of metal additive manufacturing

Periodic tensile tests for characterization of mechanical properties.


Post-processing SLM 

3D printing is only a small part of the metal additive manufacturing process. In order to deliver the final piece, it is necessary to carry out different post-processes according to the needs of each project. In order to perform these operations quickly and in a low cost, Madit has the following capabilities:

Internal capabilities

· Heat treatment furnace
· Band saw
· Turning / Milling machine
· 3D Scan

· MIG welding
· Ultrasonic bath

External capabilities

· EDM - Wire cutting
· 5-axis machining
· TIG welding

Mecanizado para impresión 3D metálica

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