Finishes and
Superficial Treatments

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out operations that modify the surface of the part, both for aesthetic and functional purposes. To achieve these objectives, we advise you and offer the most convenient processes for each project.

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Polishing Capabilities

Metal parts manufactured using SLM technology have a high roughness, between 6 and 15 Ra. That is why, on some occasions, it is necessary to carry out polishing operations.  These processes allow to reduce the roughness  and meet design requirements.

Hand polishing

The high density of the pieces allows its surface to be polished using different manual polishing tools such as emery or sandpaper .

The final material is completely dense and can go as far as mirror finishing.



Blasting is a technique for surface cleaning by impact.

An abrasive jet of particles is fired by compressed air, manually or automatically.



It is a polishing technique based on the mechanical erosion of parts by vibrating inside a tank together with abrasive stones.

Depending on the type of stone, the additives and the cycle time, different finishes can be achieved, from matte to mirror finishing.


Mirror polished

The mirror finish can be achieved in different ways:

- Manual polishing

- Long cycle of vibrating to bass drum.

- Dry electro-polishing (D-lyte).

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Anti-corrosion Treatments

Sometimes, due to the functionality of the piece, it is necessary to carry out surface treatments that improve its behavior in the work environment. This way, different treatments can be performed to improve its resistance to oxidation .

· Anodized
· Phosphated
· Passivated
· Blued
· Black oxidation
· Etc.



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Aesthetic Finishes

Finally, it is possible to carry out different surface finishes in order to achieve the desired aesthetics in artistic or product design projects.

· Painted
· Lacquered
· Nickel plated
 Chrome plated
· Gold plated
· Etc.




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