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Design for Additive Manufacturing

Getting the most out of SLM additive manufacturing requires mastery of design tools and software and extensive experience using additive technology .

The design for additive manufacturing allows to reduce manufacturing times and costs, creating more competitive geometries for 3D printing.

On the other hand, it gives the parts functional advantages impossible to achieve using traditional technologies. This increase in complexity of the designs does not influence the difficulty of manufacturing.

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Advantages of Design for AM

Weight reduction

Thanks to 3D printing, it is possible to make hollowed-out designs with thin walls, achieving very light parts compared to other technologies.

This advantage is very important in sectors such as aeronautics, robotics or motorcycle sports, where the weight of the mechanisms is critical.



By not having dedicated tools such as molds or dies, additive manufacturing allows you to customize designs even within the same manufacturing batch .

In this way, it is possible to manufacture the same piece with small changes: geometry, marks, etc.

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Unification of components

By managing to unite different components in one, many industrial advantages are achieved.

On the one hand, the operation of the mechanisms is improved and assembly time is reduced, by avoiding joints.

On the other hand, great savings are achieved in project management by handling fewer references.


Complex geometries

3D printing allows geometries to be created that were impossible until a few years ago: internal cavities, inaccessible geometries, repetitive structures, etc.

Some of these designs have already found applications, for example, in heat exchangers or gas collectors .

Reverse engineering

Sometimes, the 3D model of a part is not available and only the physical part is available. This happens, for example, in the case of replacement components or spare parts .

Through 3D scanning, it is possible to obtain the 3D model of a discontinued part and manufacture it again thanks to 3D printing. At Madit we offer this complete service.

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