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We redesign your part to improve its functionality and optimize production through additive technologies and 3D printing.


In addition, we achieve the digitalization of companies through the virtual storage of components.

Design for metal additive manufacturing

Design for 3D printing

We optimize the geometry of the part to improve its functionality and manufacturing with the following benefits:


· Reduction of production cost

· Unification of components

· Material reduction

· Increased functionalities

Diseño para impresión 3D metálica
Topology optimization for metal additive manufacturing

Topology optimization

Using the corresponding software, a geometry with the minimum amount of material can be obtained in order to fullfil specific loading conditions.

design for metal additive manufacturing

Structural analysis

We can simulate the behavior of the part in operation by applying forces and restrictions. This evaluation helps to improve the design of the part.

ingenieria inversa.png
reverse engineering for metal additive manufacturing

Reverse engineering

We reconstruct CAD geometries through the measurement of physical parts. Later, the part is generated by means of additive manufacturing.

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