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The Company

We are a spanish company specialized in SLM technology, a modern manufacturing process of metal parts. We are a team passionate about design and innovation, with the aim of bringing this technology to the highest levels of industrial production.

We consider ourselves specialists as we are backed by six years of experience in this technology applied to the aeronautical sector, where the greatest advances in this area have been achieved so far. In addition, we have an extensive knowledge in industrial design and production management . All this allows us to focus on industrialization, process control and cost optimization, becoming a perfect technological partner for your industrial projects.

Aeronautical metal additive Manufacturing
metal additive Manufacturing
design for metal additive manufacturing
production of metal additive Manufacturing
SLM technology
Industrial design
Consulting for metal additive manufacturing
design for metal additive manufacturing
metal additive manufacturing

This experience allows us to offer three lines of business (Consulting, Design and Manufacturing) that cover the entire life cycle of the project from its conceptualization to its final delivery.


On the one hand, we advice you on the development of SLM technology, teaching and promoting all its benefits . On the other hand, our comprehensive solutions unify design and production to optimize your results, using the best software tools and controlling the whole manufacturing process .

MADIT Metal additive Manufacturing


We want to bring metal additive manufacturing to all sectors of the industry, providing opportunities for improvement and optimization never seen before.

Our final objective is to become the national guide for metal additive manufacturing.


We seek to share your path throughout the life cycle of the project.

We help you to find the potentials within your business, and then obtain the best results in order to win your loyalty .







Our conversations with you will be one on one, with responsibility and sincerity. If your piece is not suitable for SLM, we will be the first to tell you. If it is, we commit to produce the best possible result.


We want to carry out projects with you, walking hand in hand to achieve the utmost ambitious goals. Physical and emotional closeness is an added value for us. Our future collaborations will create unstoppable synergies.


We will listen to your needs and we will speak the same language. We will put ourselves in your place in order to carry out the tasks that best suit your objectives.

Commitment to Quality

Quality for metal additive Manufacturing

MADIT has a complete commitment to the quality of the design and the manufacturing process.


MADIT always complies with industrial regulations and continually seeks for new certifications.


On the other hand, aeronautical sector standards are applied as they are considered the hardest of the industry.

In June 2022, Madit got the ISO 9001 certificate for design and manufacturing where the requirements of a quality management system are established. This certificate demonstrates and accredits the ability to meet customer requirements by controlling the design and manufacturing process at all times.

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