SLM technology enables complex designs to be manufactured quickly and flexibly.
From our facilities in the Basque Country, we offer you all its advantages through the following services:


Consulting for metal additive Manufacturing

· SLM training

· Analysis & development

· Certification of parts


Design for metal additive Manufacturing

· Topological optimization

· Structural analysis

· 3D scanning


Metal additive Manufacturing

· 3D printing

· Post-processes

· Dry Electro-polishing

What is the SLM technology?


SLM (Selective Laser Melting is a novel manufacturing technology that allows obtaining metal parts with high mechanical resistance and great precision by means of laser fusion of metal powder layers.


SLM technology is included within Industry 4.0, offering an advance over traditional technologies and achieving the digitalization of the production.

Metal additive Manufacturing SLM Technology

It is a suitable technique if you need to manufacture:

· Functional parts

· Lightweight components

· Complex geometric designs

· Parts with internal cavities

· Short-medium series

· Prototypes

This is how the pieces are obtained at the end of manufacture.

impresion 3d metal conductor gas automocion

Benefits of metal 3D printing


Time reduction in metal additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing time


· Shorter lead times

(2-3 days)

· Design freedom between batches

· Virtual stock

Cost reduction in metal additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing cost


· Low-medium batches

(down to 1 unit)

· No tool investment

· Component reduction

(production management)

Design optimization in metal additive Manufacturing

Higher design


· Complex geometries

· Weight & space reduction

· Function improvement

· Personalization

impresion 3d metal impeller

About us


We are a company located in the Basque Country formed by a team passionate about the industrial avant-garde and innovation.


We are backed by six years of experience in this technology applied to the aeronautical sector and extensive knowledge of industrial design and production management.


All this, added to the industrial capabilities of the company, has allowed us to specialize in the metal 3D printing technology .


SLM Machines

Maquinas Renishaw tecnologia SLM MADIT

1 x Renishaw AM 250

Laser Power: 200W

Working volume: 250x250x320 mm

2 x Renishaw RenAM 500M

Laser Power: 500W

Working volume: 250x250x320 mm

Productive improvements

Each machine is dedicated exclusively to one material : Aluminum, stainless steel and tool steel . This allows us to increase productivity, better control the process and, of course, reduce manufacturing costs .

In addition, we have all the technological advances that allow us to digitalize the process and meet industry 4.0 standards . This is achieved thanks to the built-in sensor and the monitoring of the manufacturing process.

D-lyte dry electro-polishing

Dlyte electro pulido seco
Dlyte electropulido seco impresion 3d metal

DLyte 100

Productive improvements

DLyte 100 is a machine designed to polish metals with an ion transport system, which uses free solid bodies . This innovative technology automates, simplifies and standardizes post-processing procedures for metal parts , improving the surface finish obtained with traditional systems.

In addition, we offer all the post-processing capabilities necessary to deliver the final part complying with customer requirements: machining, blasting, barreling, etc.

Technological Partners


Colaboracion MADIT Renishaw
Colaboracion MADIT Nippon Gases
Colaboracion Abrast MADIT

Do you have a project?


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You can find us in Zamudio, Basque Country (Spain). Ten minutes from the airport and from the city of Bilbao.